Top Tips for Downsizing Prior to Your Apartment Move

Downsizing Before Your Apartment Move

A move from one apartment to another might require some downsizing, particularly when the move is into an apartment with someone else. You might have the opportunity to move closer to work, but you may need to downsize your apartment to a sleek, urban studio rather than a spacious suburban two-bedroom. Or, you might need to get rid of multiple sets of plates or other items that your roommate or significant other already has.

Whatever the reason for your move, it’s usually a good idea to downsize before you get to your new place because that means you need to move far fewer items. You can also can just move and get your new life set up rather than worrying about all the extra boxes for the items that can’t fit in your new place. Here are a few methods you can use to downsize your apartment before you move.

Consider Using Multipurpose Furniture for Very Small Spaces

If you’re moving to what might be considered a tiny apartment compared to your current residence, you might want to think about furniture that pulls double duty. There are all sorts of cool pieces that can operate in two very distinct ways. For example, there are beds that double as couches, as well as countertops that have hidden storage.

HGTV reveals:

“If you’re investing in new furniture when you downsize, choose multipurpose furniture pieces. Go for nightstands with open and closed storage and ottomans with tops that lift to offer space inside for blankets or extra pillows.”

If the ottoman on which you rest your feet doesn’t have interior storage, you might want to consider trading it for another piece that will allow you to put items inside it. You can also buy a bed frame that’s tall enough for storage or drawers underneath it, or buy a kitchen island for additional storage in your kitchen.

Declutter Early and Often

Decluttering the space in which you live can provide some catharsis even if you’re not moving, but it’s an important detail that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re moving into a new space. Clutter is usually a hassle in any situation, but it can become something that provides continuous annoyance in a small space.

An article from Home Light reveals:

“Two of the best rules of thumb for downsizing stuff are to employ the one-year rule, and to go digital with as much paper as possible, which includes magazines, bills, and other stacks taking up precious space. And have you heard about the Marie Kondo method of decluttering? It helps you decide what to toss and keep based on whether or not an item “sparks joy” for you.”

While it’s not necessary to rid yourself of absolutely everything you haven’t used in a year (maybe that heavy jacket just didn’t get used for a few years because the winter was very warm), it’s a good idea to begin the decluttering process before you move. You’ll get to buy fewer boxes for your relocation and unpack fewer items when you arrive, too.

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