Thinking About Safety During Your Move to Urban Seattle

Staying Safe in Urban Seattle

Careful planning is absolutely required when you move to a new home or apartment in Seattle, and one of your essential tasks will be making sure the various facets of your move are conducted safely.

Saving money and moving efficiently is important but remaining safe during your move is an important topic for discussion, too. Here are a few things to think about as you arrange all the important facets of your move.

Plan Well to Stay Safe During Your Seattle Move

Staying safe during your move means starting to plan your move as soon as you have a date for your relocation. Whether it’s three months away or a year away, there are tasks you can accomplish to make your move smooth, safe, and efficient. ADT shares:

“While you may not be able to plan your move down to the minute, you can make things easier by taking steps to prepare well ahead of time. Provided you have advance notice of your move, begin planning at least a month out from your move date.”

When you make plans in advance of your move, you’ll find that you won’t be caught off-guard by anything unexpected. Not all moves will offer you the luxury of planning well ahead of the moving date but starting to plan as soon as you can is important.

Looking for an apartment can actually take much longer than just a month. You might want to start with at least two months to spare if you haven’t already found a place to live. Some apartments do like for their tenants to sign immediate leases, but it’s better to avoid waiting until the last minute to finalize the most important part of your move.

Try Not to Move Alone

Moving on your own can’t be helped in some circumstances, but it’s important to solicit the help of your friends if you can when you relocate. You might ask a family member to stay with you during your move, or you might see if a few coworkers or good friends can provide some support during the move.

One of the most important reasons to move with help is that having someone to help you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing injuries. When you’re alone on your move, you may find it tempting to lift something that’s particularly heavy. However, having a friend around can make it easier to get into your new apartment without injuring yourself with heavy boxes you shouldn’t move on your own.

Having a friend around to help you move can also make a difference in keeping you safe in a new apartment. You might not know anyone at your new place. Having someone available to perform a simple task like watching your boxes outside your apartment community while you move them inside can prove to be an extremely valuable favor.

Consider: Convince your friends to help you move by plying them with pizza or a nice meal at the end of the event. You can even ask your friends to help in shifts. It’s a lot easier to get someone to help you move when you ask for a few hours of help rather than an entire day of assistance.

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