Quick & Easy Lighting Tricks for Your Seattle Apartment

Seattle Apartment

Lighting in your Seattle apartment may prove challenging when you’re limited on the physical changes you can make to your home. However, there are many creative ways to light your apartment that don’t require that you drill any holes or make any unauthorized changes to your place.

Here are a few ways to improve the lighting in a dim apartment, or to improve the lighting you already have in your home – whether it’s a beautiful Seattle apartment, or it’s a house you just purchased.

Look Up and Get Creative for Your Seattle Apartment

One of the most interesting ways to improve the lighting in any space is to find something fun and interesting as your lighting fixture. There are all sorts of crazy shapes and designs available that can act as a beautiful accent for the room, as well as provide some lovely ambient lighting.

Elle Decor suggests:

“Incorporating a bold ceiling fixture will direct attention upward and open up your space… A large, even over-scale ceiling fixture can add illumination and drama, and also trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it actually is.”

So, not only can a lighting fixture improve the basic decor of the room, but it can also make a small apartment or small room seem more spacious with its eye-catching design. However, the article from Elle goes on to suggest that a lighting fixture can’t always totally make up for lack of natural light.

Adding features like mirrors or reflective materials around the room can help augment the lighting from the windows, particularly in a room where the window is only half-size or pointed in a direction that doesn’t receive a lot of light.

Change the Color of the Lights in Your Apartment

With the switch from traditional incandescent lights to CFLs and LEDs, some homes have become slightly less inviting due to the bluish hues of those advanced bulbs. Research suggests that melatonin, which is the sleep-promoting chemical released by the body when it’s time to go to bed, is suppressed by blue light.

Some designers recommend that homeowners and apartment dwellers have at least one light around that uses an incandescent light. The light can not only offer a nice way to relax at the end of the day when blue light could prove interrupting to sleep, but it can also provide a welcoming environment to guests.

It may prove difficult to find incandescent bulbs, and you might not want to use a bulb that’s so inefficient in its energy usage, but all is not lost. There are LED bulbs that are designed to limit the amount of blue light in your space, so you can enjoy the energy savings and long life spans of LED bulbs.

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