Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze In Your Seattle Apartment

Spring Clean Your Seattle Apartment

Even if you keep your apartment in beautiful condition and clean it on a regular basis, you may still find that your rooms filled with dust and dirt and grime over the winter. It’s almost impossible to avoid bringing in extra dirt and debris each time you walk in the door, and a weekend spent spring cleaning is all but necessary to make your home ready for summer.

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your spring cleaning this year in your Seattle apartment is extra effective.

Make a List of the Little-Cleaned Areas of Your Apartment

You probably already know your apartment needs a good vacuuming, some quality time spent with a duster, and some scrubbing. However, there are many parts of your apartment that you probably don’t realize are dirty or don’t realize you miss when you perform those everyday cleaning chores.

For example, the baseboards of your apartment, as well as the crown molding, if you have it, do need cleaning every once in a while. According to the blog at Home Depotbaseboard cleaning is a must for your spring cleaning weekend:

“Baseboards get a beating daily, but we don’t often think of cleaning them. I don’t clean them every week or even month, but every few months it’s nice to get them bright and white again.

I find scuffs from shoes to be the biggest culprit, and they can be hard to remove. The Magic Erasers do the trick, and I love the new version with the easy to hold handle! The erasers stick to the bottom, and the handle allows for nice, even pressure. The scuffs come right off!”

You may wish to clean your baseboards and moldings before you do any work on your floors, so any debris that comes off the baseboards or moldings doesn’t hit your freshly vacuumed or scrubbed floor.

Don’t Start Cleaning Your Seattle Apartment Without the Right Cleaning Implements

It’s common for apartment dwellers to have a dustpan and broom shoved away in a closet somewhere, and a vacuum might even sit in the hallway closet if you have carpets. However, a spring clean deep clean might require some tools and materials you don’t just keep on a regular basis in your cabinets.

NBC Better explains:

“First, check the pantry to make sure you have the basics and give your vacuum a test drive. If you need to buy new cleaning tools… They make mops and cloths for specific surfaces like glass and stainless steel and everything is washable.”

You may even wish to purchase a small bin or container to hold the cleaning supplies you purchase this year and will use again next year. When spring comes again, you won’t have to search around your apartment for all the little tools and cleaning supplies you need for your spring cleaning weekend.

Tip: If you drop by the store to buy a few extra items for your spring cleaning, don’t open everything immediately when you get home. You may find that you bought too many sponges and can store them until next year or return them to the store if you’re particularly limited on the space you have to store your cleaning items.

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