How to Work Out Inside Your Seattle Apartment in the Fall

Home Gym in Seattle Apartment

Did you know your Seattle apartment can be a tool to getting fit? Finding time to exercise is hard enough when you’re involved in all of life’s regular pursuits like life, school, and relationships with family and friends, but it can seem doubly hard when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you’re stuck inside your apartment.

Fortunately, there are some really simple ways to get some exercise in at your apartment, even if you don’t have the ability to head out to the gym, or the weather outside is making exercise a bit difficult.

Set Up a Home Gym in Your Seattle Apartment

One of the easiest ways to ensure you always have the opportunity to exercise is to set up a home gym. You don’t need an entire room dedicated to exercise; you can get away with setting aside just a little space for your equipment.

There are all sorts of machines you can consider for your home gym, from simple treadmills that fold up when you’re not using them to weight benches that only take up a few feet along with a rack of weights.

Tip: If you’re unsure whether you want to keep the exercise area as a permanent addition to your apartment, you might consider moving your furniture into a storage unit for a month while you sort things out.

Apartment List actually recommends switching to furniture with built-in storage to give yourself more room for your home gym:

“If you live in a small apartment, you might already know about the magic of hidden storage. If not, check out our articles on making small spaces appear larger. Long story short, you want to furnish your apartment with pieces that have built-in storage to keep all your home gym equipment out of sight when not in use. Good examples of such furniture are ottomans, footrests, and even beds.”

You can also consider adjustable weights if you’re not sure whether you have the room for a full home gym, or you can borrow some equipment from a friend for a month or so to try things out. You’ll probably know pretty fast whether your home gym will get used or whether you’ll just let the equipment get dusty over time.

Try Body Weight Exercises

One of the creative ways to get in shape is to utilize bodyweight exercises for your routines. If you don’t have any room for workout equipment, you can actually just use your body to increase your muscle mass and your overall stamina.

According to Men’s Health, one of the best reasons to use bodyweight exercises is that they’re easy to do – even in an apartment.

“Bodyweight training can be modified for whatever fitness level you are… Whether you’re starting at zero and trying to do one press-up or you’re a seasoned athlete, bodyweight exercises can be incredibly challenging and beneficial. Progressing the exercises is also very straightforward, so you can keep challenging yourself and building strength.”

In addition to offering a very accessible option for exercising in your house, one of the best reasons to consider bodyweight exercises is that they’re a completely free option for exercising. You don’t even need special shoes or workout clothes to engage in bodyweight exercises.

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