Foodie Spots to Enjoy Near Your Seattle Apartment

Foodie spots near your Seattle apartment

Finding new, awesome restaurants is challenging in a large metropolitan area like Seattle, and it always seems like there’s a new restaurant popping up where an old one just closed. How do you find the perfect new haunt for your Friday night dinner when there are so many choices?

Fortunately, the foodies of Seattle have already done the work for you, and there are several lists out there of the best new restaurants to try in Seattle. Here are a few near your Seattle apartment that are worth a try.

Find a New Pizza Place at Supreme

Getting pizza delivered from the place down the street is a tradition for millions of Americans, and it seems like there’s a restaurant that serves pizza in every community across the nation. We can get into the habit of getting pizza from the same place every week, but you may find it worthwhile to get pizza from a new place every once in a while. Right now, that new place is Supreme, a pizza place run by chef Mark Fuller.

An article from Seattle Met reveals:

“What his pizza bar on California Ave lacks in proper plates or utensils, or napkins not from a dispenser, it makes up for with gonzo pizzas, fun frozen drinks, and a blaring soundtrack seemingly lifted from some illicit teen house party on an old WB show.”

Apparently, the garlic knots at Supreme have reached “cult status,” and the wings and Caesar salad are also worth a try. Supreme is located at 4521 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98112.

Check Out Delicious Chinese at Plenty of Clouds

Chinese food is another one of those types of food that we don’t really think about when ordering take-out. We simply go to the nearest restaurant and take a seat. However, it may behoove you to check out Plenty of Clouds, which is in the Capitol Hill area.

According to an article on the best new restaurants by The Infatuation, Plenty of Clouds is terrific whether you want a cocktail and some appetizers or a complete meal:

“The space is just as perfect for early-in-the-game dates and group dinners as it used to be, and the Chinese small plates here are all excellent, ranging from pork dumplings in chili oil that we could eat by the pound to lamb meatballs with a tangy fermented tomatillo sauce for dipping.”

The restaurant will require a slightly higher investment than a hole-in-the-wall establishment, but it’s well worth the cost when you’re looking for a night out and some delicious food. Plenty of Clouds is located at 1550 15th Ave Seattle, WA.

Expand Your Culinary Horizons at an Oyster Bar

The Walrus and the Carpenter opened a few years ago and has become a favorite spot for locals. According to Thrillist, the lines were “out the door” for a time.

“But finally (five years later), the lines have died down, and now the cool, beautiful marble bar has been given back over to locals slurping oysters and spreading sardines on toast.”

The Walrus and the Carpenter is the name of a narrative poem by Lewis Carroll, who also wrote the Alice and Wonderland series of books. The restaurant named after his poem is located at 4743 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107.

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