Benefits of Downsizing Your Lifestyle in a Seattle Apartment

Downsizing in a Seattle Apartment

From the standpoint of the family budget, downsizing to an apartment from a house or a large residence makes sense when there is a need to save money for retirement or pay off debts. However, reducing the size of your home can come with other benefits, too.

Whether you’re a millennial looking for the minimalist lifestyle, or you’re a Baby Boomer seeking a little less housework, a smaller apartment can come with some great benefits.

Considering Needs Versus Wants

Before tossing your possessions into a storage unit or having a huge garage sale to downsize your life, you may want to take some time to think about what you “need” versus what you “want.”

For example, do you “need” the ski equipment you’ve had stored in a storage unit for the past five years? You might save money on monthly rental fees by selling your old equipment and renting new equipment in the future when and if you decide to go on another ski trip.

You may wish to look around your apartment, too, for evidence of wasted space and extra possessions. Consider the wisdom shared by Apartment Therapy:

“In a bedroom, you only need a bed. In a living room, you only really need the couch.”

If your bedroom is overflowing with décor and your living room is full of furniture, take a look at the pieces that fill those rooms. Do you need the extra end tables, a couch, a love seat, and the recliner? If you only entertain rarely, you might not need those extra seating options in your home at all times.

Consider Location and the Likely Square Footage

Apartments of equal size tend to cost more when you’re in an urban area versus a suburban area. However, if you’re looking at downsizing your apartment size, the city might have the perfect urban apartment home for your needs.

The blog at lifestyle website Zumper shares:

“There’s a huge difference in real estate prices between high-density urban and more sparsely populated suburban areas. Urban home prices have the edge on the suburbs, while suburban apartments offer as much as twice the square footage as their urban counterparts for the same price.”

If you’re willing to give up some of the extra space in your suburban apartment, you might be able to score a cozy urban home at the same price. The move may help you reduce the commute you have into work while also giving you a simpler and less messy lifestyle.

Consider: Even if your rent in your new, urban apartment is the same as what you paid at your suburban location, you might save money each month with fewer trips to the gas station and fewer miles put on your car each month for commuting or getting to school.

Enjoy the Vibrant Urban Spirit at Muriel’s Landing

Are you looking for an apartment in Seattle where you’re in walking or bicycling distance of absolutely everything you love? If you’re thinking about downsizing from your suburban apartment but still want to enjoy the feel of a luxury apartment, Muriel’s Landing could be your perfect new Seattle home. Get in touch today to arrange a tour of our community and to learn more about our apartment homes.