A Checklist You’ll Need for a Painless Move to Seattle

Moving Checklist Seattle

Moving can prove to be a monumental challenge if you’ve spent a few years in one place and have decided to relocate. It’s quite common and natural to fill a space with our possessions and accumulate stuff over time. You might not even realize how much stuff you’ve bought over the years until you start packing it away for your move.

There are a few ways you can reduce the stress and chaos that often comes along with moving, even if you are only moving from a studio apartment into a one-bedroom home. Here are a few tasks you’ll want to put on your moving checklist before you move to your new Seattle apartment.

Decide on an Overall Moving Strategy

The amount of possessions you own and the amount of effort those possessions will take to pack, relocate, and unpack may represent a gargantuan task. You might feel fully capable of completing the task on your own, or you might worry that the amount of time it will take to move may prove to be too time-consuming.

One thing to remember is that there are many shades of gray between the black and white concepts of “I’m moving myself” and “I’m going to hire a moving company to do everything.”

It’s very common for apartment dwellers to pack their belongings and rely on a moving company to provide relocation services or to ask friends for assistance in moving the boxes.  

Tip: Make a list of local moving companies, and call them for estimates for different levels of service. You might ask how much a complete move would cost versus a partial move where the moving company only provides a truck and a few people to load and unload boxes.

 Lists Upon Lists of Details

 There is no single list you can create that will cover absolutely everything about your move. In most cases, you’ll need to think about several major tasks that will each have minor tasks baked into your ability to complete them. 

For example, you’ll probably need to choose a school for your kids – if you have them – as well as put some research into local utilities and services. So, “find a school for the kids” will actually be a list in and of itself of local schools. 

Another list within a list might include your local transportation options for getting to work or school. You might want to figure out multiple routes to work if you drive or use a bicycle, or you might need to figure out what bus lines or trains to take if you want to use public transport.

Create a Checklist for Utilities, Memberships, & Services

 Moving into a new apartment doesn’t just require a call t the local power company for a new service hookup. You’ll also need to have the power shut off at your old place – as well as have all the other utilities that you will need to pay turned on – and your old ones shut off. 

 You may want to make a list with a series of “drop dead” dates for the final calls to those vendors. If you’re moving into your new apartment on the first of the month, make sure you call your new utility company at least a week in advance. Similarly, make a phone call to your old power company before you move out to make sure you aren’t charged for service after you leave the residence.

 Tip: Create a list based on chronological/date order that features the calls you’ll need to make on any given day to make your moving process a smooth and uneventful one.

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