Upgrading to a Cozy, Modern Apartment in Seattle

Moving to the exciting urban area within Seattle may mean settling for a smaller apartment than you had before you moved into the city, but downsizing can have some extremely positive benefits for your lifestyle.

Sometimes you might get to enjoy a lower rate for rent, but you may also receive a variety of other benefits related to your budget and the time you have available to engage in hobbies and activities. If you’re looking at relocating to an urban area where you may need to live in a smaller apartment in Seattle than what you have now, here are some of the benefits you may get to enjoy.

You’ll Spend Your Weekends Exploring Rather than Cleaning

Living in an apartment is convenient because your maintenance costs are covered within your rental payment. Apartment communities like Muriel’s Landing offer easy access to a maintenance crew, as well as 24/7 emergency assistance in the event of a plumbing problem or other issue that needs immediate attention.

Living in a small residence also offers the benefit of less time spent cleaning. A huge house is terrific if you have a large family and use all those extra rooms on a regular basis, but it’s very common that families today have extra rooms that they rarely use and might not even enter for weeks at a time. Those rooms also require cleaning on a regular basis, and that takes time away from your free time at home when you just want to relax after school or work.

Don’t spend your free time cleaning a huge house and maintaining a space that you don’t use frequently enough to justify the cost. Choose a small, cozy Seattle apartment instead and enjoy the freedom and simplicity of a space that takes no time at all to clean and which is utilized fully each month.

Lower Your Bills With a Small Apartment

Reducing the amount of space you rent each month can have a positive impact on your budget, even if your rent won’t change that much because of a move from a rural to an urban area. A small, modern Seattle apartment will usually cost less to heat and cool, and you may also find it costs less to clean it since you’ll need to purchase fewer bottles of Windex and toilet bowl cleaner.

If you only have one toilet, you only have to clean one toilet and buy enough cleaner for a single bowl. However, if you have extra toilets for guests, you’ll definitely spend more on cleaning products, as well as items like extra rolls of toilet paper and soap for the sink. While these costs might not seem like a lot, they can add up when you consider the overall reductions you’ll see in cleaning products, utility costs, and other items you’ll no longer need to buy in a small apartment.

Enjoy a Sweet, Urban Lifestyle at Your Muriel’s Landing Seattle ApartmentMuriel's Landing Apartments in Seattle

Whether you’re downsizing to a cozy studio or are interested in one of our more spacious one-bedroom apartments, we can provide you with all the comforts you need to live the good life in Seattle. Our apartments offer spectacular views and the ideal location, and we’d love to welcome you on a tour of our apartment community.

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